10 List of medical supplies

What are medical supplies?

Basically this means that any medical products are suitable to use in healthcare facility or home which the products are semi disposable or disposable such as medical gloves or any medical instrument.

How do hospitals get their medical supplies?

Normally hospitals will purchase the medical supplies products like 3 way latex foley, feeding bag or isolation gown through a group purchasing company. Besides, hospitals also negotiate the price with any distributors or wholesalers since hospitals will purchase larquenities of the medical products from the distributors. They will purchase the medical consumables products such as Face Mask, adult diaper (adult pampers), insulin syringes, portable oxygen tank, ostomy bags or medical kits.

However, some private hospitals or clinics will purchase medical equipment from medical supplies online stores. Below is 10 list of where normally hospitals and end users get their supplies. 
1. Mycare Malaysia
2. Jimhans
3. Quick Medical    
4. AliMed
6. Henry Schein
7. Homecare
8. WelchAllyn
9. Medilife
10. Ritz medical

Moreover, for those people who want to find medical products on google they will tend to search online pharmacy malaysia or malaysia pharmacy online on google. Some people will struggle to search for the products they want. This is because some pharmacies did not supply medical products to customers as well. Even the pharmacies also purchase those medical products from the suppliers (refer to above list) and then resell to end users.

However, some people are wondering whether to purchase online  or visit a physical store better. This is optional, but there are many advantages and benefits to making purchases online for medical products. First advantages are much affordable compared to physical stores which everyone already knows. Second is convenience, you can purchase online anytime anywhere you want. Most of the medical online stores are providing fast shipping services which only take around 1 to 2 business days the product will arrive but this is also depending on your staying locations. 

If you are looking for more information about medical supplies online store please visit mycare.com.my 


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