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Reasons for wound not healing | 5 main Reasons

Reasons for wound not healing 
If you are wondering your wound is not healing sometimes, Below are the 5 main and common reasons why your wound is not healing. Understanding the reasons and the basic solutions might help you to solve your problems. 

5 Main Reasons for wound not healing & solutions

1) Poor blood circulation
Do you know that your body’s red blood plays an important role during the healing process? Your body’s red blood cells carry oxygenated blood and new cells to the site and begin to rebuild your tissues.  Poor blood circulation can slow down this process and cause your wound not healing or taking much time to heal.
Besides, some of the conditions like obesity or diabetes will actually cause poor blood circulation. In other words, for those who have obesity or diabetes, their healing process is much slower than normal people.

By exercising the muscle around the wound can actually help to improve circulation and faster healing process but make sure your hand is clean enough. 

2) Infection
When you are getting infected by the bacterias, the bacterias will fight against your body’s immune system to cause slow wound healing or non healing. Our body skin can defend against bacteria and infections, the bacterias will enter our body through wounds and attack our body cells to stop wound healing.  
If your wound gets infected, you might notice redness around your wound and pain around the site. The puss and foul-smelling fluid are the symptoms that show you are getting infected.

You can use the Bioptron Medall, Bioptron Oxy Sterile Spray or visit doctors for treatment to fight against bacterias.

3) Repetitive trauma
The wound is subject to the pressure and this can cause repetitive trauma, this can actually slow down your wound healing process or even stop it. This is because repetitive trauma will slow down your blood circulation and cause a slow wound healing process. 

You can oftenly change your position as long as you don’t remain in the same position so that can relieve the pressure, this allows a better blood circulation for your wound so that it can faster the wound healing process. 

4) Protein malnutrition
Your body needs protein supply to build new tissues, this is the reason why people after gym they need to consume a lot of protein. This is because during work out at the gym, they are tearing their muscle cells and they need protein to recover muscle cells. 
Same applies to your wound, you need protein to build and recover your wounds. Protein malnutrition will cause shortage of the protein and slow down the process. 

Make sure you have enough protein and nutrients during injury, drink more water, eat fruit and eggs to prevent poor nutritions and protein malnutrition. 

5) Wound excessive swelling
If your wound is excessive swelling, this means that your wound is restricting the oxygen to the skin and this will accumulate the fluid in the skin. Your wound needs oxygen to get rid of the fluid to begin the wound healing process.

You have to remove the fluid by visiting doctors to solve wound excessive swelling. Once swelling is going down, your pain will reduce and the healing process will start to begin.

In conclusion, you need to ensure you have enough nutrition for your daily needs. By taking enough nutrients can help you to boost your body’s immune system and blood circulation. Besides, if you are injured remember not repetitive trauma for your wounds. Always check your wound’s conditions and make sure you do not get infected by bacterias. The most obvious symptoms you are getting infected by bacterias are excessive swelling. If it goes serious, you have to visit doctors for better treatments.

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