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Adult diapers 

Wearing adult diapers or absorbent undergarments can actually help you and your family members feel secure about leaving the house and go out for daily activities like shopping. In order to help you and your family members truly understand how an adult diaper can fulfill your needs, we provide clear information about the adult diapers. 


What are adult diapers?

Before answering this question, if you are the person who thinks that adult diapers are only for those people who are over 65, you are not alone. There are two types of adult diapers which are tab-style diapers and pull ups and these two types are commonly advertised for assisted living settings and hospitals. However, the adult diapers are serving all ages needing absorbent undergarments for conditions like urinary or bowel incontinence or after surgeries that cause temporary incontinence problems. 


Below are the various use of adult diapers 

✔ For those who are bed-ridden or have a bad bladder control

✔ For patients of dementia or mental difficulties 

✔ In severe cases of diarrhea 

Recommended for ladies who are prone to infection due to unhygienic toilets.
Absorba Nateen adult diapers
Absorba Nateen is having tab-style and pull ups adult diaper with  premium quality, dour control, ultra dry top layer, breathable material and leak guards adult diapers. Why is it premium quality? Absorba Nateen also offers extra absorption for weare’s needs and suitable for semi-mobile and bed ridden users. What the users need is just Extra absorption and extra comfort with strong leakage prevention. Absorba Nateen adult diapers would be your choices.

Absorba nateen adult diaper


Absorba nateen super adult diaper


Absorba nateen soft adult diaper


Absorba nateen plus adult diaper
Absorba nateen maxi plus adult diaper

✔Ultra dry top layer
✔Breathable material
✔Waterproof leak guards
✔Free chlorine and Fragrance
✔Wetness indicator
✔Odour control

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