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AQ 3D Waist Support -5035 SP

AQ 3D Waist Support -5035 SP
AQ 3D Waist Support -5035 SP
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AQ 3D Waist Support -5035 SP-Back & Abdominal Supports

  • The main body consists of a ventilation belt with 3 transverse bars at the inner side, an outer strong rlastic belt, and a special designed pressure mat.
  • The adjustable and double-pressure elastic belt can stabilize the lower trunk and reduce pain
  • The design with 3 transverse bars provides effective limitation  to the excessive trunk rotation
  • The special designed pressure mat gives user a comfortable support excessive trunk extension, and it does not affect normal trunk movement during exercise


  • Lumbar disorder
  • Low back pain
  • Low back protect for athletes in sports involving trunk extension, such as badminton,volleyball and javelin.