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Pain Management

The Haruan or Snakehead fish was once a traditional folk remedy for wounds and after surgery supplement. However, now we have the scientific evidence and trials to support the therapeutic dosage and safety of this traditional folk remedy.The chantiva tablet haruan or Snakehead Fish is a predaceous f..
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Chantiva 750 is a natural nutraceutical remedy to manage joint and muscular pain. Some people would like to address it as chantiva tablet haruan. Channa striatus extract originates from the Snakehead fish. Thus, the incidence of allergy is much lower compared to glucosamine usage. It is a key i..
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The skin fix cream is a natural wound healing cream with Channa striatus extract as its main ingredient. The wound healing properties of Channa striatus are attributed to its fatty acid and amino acid composition. The 2 main components are Glycine and Arachidonic acid which promotes wound healing by..
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Tart Uric is a drink from tart cherry (Prunis Cerasis L) which has traditionally been used for lowering Uric Acid levels. The tart uric is suitable forHyperuricemia (high uric acid) individualsprevention from high uric acid levelsdecrease risk of recurrent gout attacksdiabetic patients, pregnan..
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