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Brand: Absorba
Absorba Afina Plus adult diaper pant is a new product which provides Better Quality for wear’s need. Different from adult diaper, there are only three steps needed for Absorba Afina Plus which are Wear, Remove and Tear. Some buyers will think that the adult diaper pant is more convenient compared ..
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Brand: Absorba
The absorba adult diaper is premium Quality, Odour Control, Ultra Dry Top Layer, Breathable material, Leak Guards, Free Chlorine, Fragrance(Hypoallergenic). Wetness indicator.Premium QualityOdour ControlUltra Dry Top LayerBreathable MaterialWaterproof Leak GuardsFree Chlorine, Fragrance (Hypoallerge..
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Brand: Enya
Made with 100% Organic Cotton Enya pads The Enya organic cotton sanitary pads are harvested and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, we chose Enya organic sanitary pads at its purest form specially for our down unders! Our vaginal skin is highly permeable, hence it is more prone to se..
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Brand: Absorba
Absorba adult diaper is one of highly rated and recommended brand. Currently Absorba adult diaper (adult pampers) distributed in more than 30 countries and this includes Asian market like Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and more. The adult diaper for absorba maxi plus is intended for night use,..
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Brand: Absorba
The absorba diaper (adult diaper) is premium Quality. Odour Control. Ultra Dry Top Layer. Breathable material. Waterproof Leak Guards. Free Chlorine, Fragrance (Hypoallergenic). Wetness indicator. Video for Absorba nateen soft-Starts from 2:17-3:24Premium Quality:Odour ControlUltra Dry Top Laye..
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Brand: Absorba
Product description for adult diaper pull-up pants:Premium QualityUltra Dry Top layer for ultimate dryness and comfortFragrance & Chlorine Free / Non AllergenicWetness indicatorLeak GuardsMeasurements: 80 cm X 120 cm (M), 80 cm X 150 cm (L), 80 cm X 160 cm (XL)Max Absorbency: 3200 ml - 3700 ml (..
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Brand: Absorba
Absorba Nateen Super Cloth air is a super absorbency adult diaper. Besides, Super cloth air adult diaper is having great odour control and Ultra top layer to maximize user's comfort level. Users or Buyer can self checking whether is time to change diaper if the line behind diaper is disappeared..
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Brand: Absorba
Superior Absorbent Core with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP-Gel), Fragrance & Chlorine Free / Non Allergenic, Embossed Channels for Better Fluid Distribution. The adult pampers is Ultra Dry Top Layer, Soft and Hypoallergenic non-woven top sheet.Premium QualitySuper Absorbent GelFragrance & Chl..
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Brand: Absorba
Extra thick, large and soft for best comfort, Non-Woven fabric, Natural Aloe Vera, Alcohol and Chlorine Free (Hypoallergenic), Hard cover lid for easy use and retention of moisture.Premium QualityExtra thick and soft wipes for comfortNon woven FabricAloe VeraAlcohol and Chlorine Free (Hypoallergenic..
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Brand: Absorba
Absorba nateen maxi plus adult diaper is suitable for intended night use, heavy flow up to 12 hours. Absorba maxi plus adult diaper provides quality comfort via incorporating Aloe Vera Gel and it's Ultra dry top layer for better leakage protection. Besides, Absorba maxi plus is highly recommended fo..
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Brand: Absorba
The Absorba diaper plus provides high quality comfort through incorporating Aloe Vera Gel and this suitable for those who have sensitive skin. Besides, Absorba nateen adult diaper plus have high odour control and the material is breathable. The Absorba nateen plus adult diaper is easy to wear, ..
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Brand: Absorba
The adult diaper of Absorba Nateen Soft is suitable for mixed incontinence and light-moderate use. Absorba Nateen adult diaper offers premium quality comfort via incorporating Aloe Vera Gel and is well designed for leakage protection. Besides, absorba nateen soft adult diaper has high odour control,..
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