Family Planning

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Clearblue (1 test)

At Clearblue® we believe that when a woman suspects she might be pregnant she needs a result she can..

Ex Tax: RM19.90

Clearblue Digital (1 test)

99% accuracy from the day your period is due and so sensitive it can detect your pregnancy 4 days ea..

Ex Tax: RM45.00

Clearblue Ovulation Digital (10 test)

-Accuracy you can trustOver 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge-Smart enough to adapt to you..

Ex Tax: RM126.88

Clearblue Plus (1 test)

Clearblue Plus pregnancy test has been designed to be the easiest to use, while also being as accura..

Ex Tax: RM29.90

Durex Close Fit

Durex Close Fit condoms are specially sized to ensure a more confident and closer fit.Narrower than ..

Ex Tax: RM7.50

Durex Comfort

Durex Comfort Condoms are larger in size to provide a better fit for those who need it.Longer and Wi..

Ex Tax: RM7.50

Durex Extra Safe

Slightly thicker condoms with extra lubrication to provide extra reassurance without affecting sensi..

Ex Tax: RM9.40

Durex Fetherlite Easy On

Thinner condoms for better intimacy feelingProduct FeaturesUltra fine natural rubber latex condomsEa..

Ex Tax: RM9.40

Durex Fetherlite Ultima

Durex Fetherlite Ultima condoms are super fine condoms with Sensi-fit™ for even greater sensitivityU..

Ex Tax: RM10.30

Durex Love Easy On

Durex Love condoms are our basic Easy-On shape with pleasure gel for greater comfort to those who ne..

Ex Tax: RM6.40

Durex Play Aloe Vera 100ml

Durex Play Aloe Vera is a silky smooth pleasure gel that makes any sexual experience more sensual. I..

Ex Tax: RM18.90

Durex Play Gel

Durex Play More is a light and silky lube designed to give you an intensely sensual experience. Cont..

Ex Tax: RM9.40

Durex Play Massage 200ml

A 2-in-1 massage gel with soothing aloe vera, gentle enough for body massage as well as intimate use..

Ex Tax: RM28.30

Durex Play Strawberry 100ml

Durex Play Strawberry is flavoured and scented for a deliciously intimate experience. It's non-stick..

Ex Tax: RM18.90

Durex Play Warming 100ml

Durex Play Warmer warms the skin on contact so you not only feel fabulous slippery sensations, but a..

Ex Tax: RM18.90