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The absorba adult diaper is premium Quality, Odour Control, Ultra Dry Top Layer, Breathable material, Leak Guards, Free Chlorine, Fragrance(Hypoallergenic). Wetness indicator.Premium QualityOdour ControlUltra Dry Top LayerBreathable MaterialWaterproof Leak GuardsFree Chlorine, Fragrance (Hypoallerge..
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FeaturesUsed for efficient administration of oxygen for greater patient comfortTwin Nasal Tips provide maximum freedom to the patient and leaves the mouth freeSoft and flexible nasal tips ensures non traumatic insertionFinely engineered Nasal Tips ensures equal volume of oxygen to both air passag..
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Description :--Both Oral Nasal Mask and Full Mask are available -Available in pediatric and adult size -Adjustable nose clip ensures comfortable fitting -Smooth, feathered edges promote patient comfort and reduce irritation point -Configurable 210 cm oxygen supply tubing..
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Disposable LDPE (low density polyethylene) aprons. Pleasant to wear thanks to the light material, while the apron remaining very hard-wearing and liquid-permeable. With fastening straps on the waist for an excellent fit. Packed or blocked in a practical single-item pouch, ideal for hanging..
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Nugard latex examination gloves are manufactured to the highest quality with an in-house formulation and innovative manufacturing technology the makes the glove soft and comfortable.Protein levels, and therefore allergic reactions, are kept to a minimum by extra washing and leaching processes that e..
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HIGH PERFORMANCE NITRILE SHIRIDO GLOVESPowder Free Examination Shirudo GloveCHALLENGING CONVENTIONAL BOUNDARIESMeticulous research was conducted based on users' needs to provide the most suitable product to cater to the requirements for protection, tactile sensitivity, feel and functionality. T..
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Steralgard is an alcohol-based press hand sanitizer that is Virucidal, Bactericidal and Germicidal. The hand sanitizer It is suitable for use in any environment that practices hand hygiene and cleanliness to prevent cross contamination. The World Health Organization has officially announce a e..
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Absorba adult diaper is one of highly rated and recommended brand. Currently Absorba adult diaper (adult pampers) distributed in more than 30 countries and this includes Asian market like Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and more. The adult diaper for absorba maxi plus is intended for night use,..
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The absorba diaper (adult diaper) is premium Quality. Odour Control. Ultra Dry Top Layer. Breathable material. Waterproof Leak Guards. Free Chlorine, Fragrance (Hypoallergenic). Wetness indicator. Premium Quality:Odour ControlUltra Dry Top LayerBreathable MaterialWaterproof Leak GuardsFree Chlo..
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Product description for adult diaper pull-up pants:Premium QualityUltra Dry Top layer for ultimate dryness and comfortFragrance & Chlorine Free / Non AllergenicWetness indicatorLeak GuardsMeasurements: 80 cm X 120 cm (M), 80 cm X 150 cm (L), 80 cm X 160 cm (XL)Max Absorbency: 3200 ml - 3700 ml (..
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Half Textile Backsheet. Elastic Waistband. Premium Quality. Odour Control. Ultra Dry Top Layer. Breathable material. Waterproof Leak Guards. Free Chlorine, Fragrance (Hypoallergenic). Wetness indicator.Size:M - 95cm to 125cm, 4000ml to 4400mlL - 115cm to 155cm, 4300ml to 4700mlXL - 135cm..
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Superior Absorbent Core with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP-Gel), Fragrance & Chlorine Free / Non Allergenic, Embossed Channels for Better Fluid Distribution. The adult pampers is Ultra Dry Top Layer, Soft and Hypoallergenic non-woven top sheet.Premium QualitySuper Absorbent GelFragrance & Chl..
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