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2 Way Foley Catheter, Silicone Coated,10pcs/box

Description :Made of medical grade silicone-coated PVC.Smooth tip for atraumatic insertion.Soft reta..

Ex Tax: RM27.00

3 Way Latex Foley Catheter, Siliconised (30ml) 10pcs/box

Description : Made of medical grade silicone-coated PVC.Smooth tip for atraumatic insertion.Sof..

Ex Tax: RM36.00

Male External Catheter (Support External Catheter) 50pcs/box

-Used for urine incontinence in male patients-Made from natural rubber latex-Complete with adhesive ..

Ex Tax: RM115.00

Suction Catheter, Control Connector Type, 50pcs/box

DescriptionSuitable for removal of secretion from trachea and bronchial tubesRounded open tip with t..

Ex Tax: RM40.00

Urine bag hanger, Blue Colour, Non-Sterile 10pcs/pack

Description The urine bag hanger is used for the flexible hanging for urine bagsSuitable for 20..

Ex Tax: RM10.00

Urine Bag Transparent, 2000ml (T valve), Without Sample Port, Sterile, PE Packing, 10pcs/pack

Description Clear volume indication markingWith Anti-reflux valveSoft & kink resistance med..

Ex Tax: RM14.00

Urine Container, PP, Yellow Cap (Size: 60ml), 10pcs/box

60 mL urine sample containersNonsterile designIncludes yellow tamper-evident caps - tamper-evident s..

Ex Tax: RM4.40

Urine meter drain bag (3 chambers), 2600ml drain bag, 400ml urine meter, anti-reflux valve, sample port.

Used to accurately measure urine output during surgical and critically ill patientsThree Chambers260..

RM24.00 RM21.60
Ex Tax: RM21.60