Post-Operation Care

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Adventa Health - 2 Way Foley Catheter, Silicone Coated,10pcs/box

2 Way Foley catheter is a thin, sterile tube inserted into the bladder to drain urine. Because it ca..

Ex Tax: RM27.00

Adventa Health - 3 Way Latex Foley Catheter, Siliconised (30ml), 10pcs/box

Just like 2 way Foley catheter, one connector of the 3 way catheter is used to&n..

Ex Tax: RM36.00

Adventa Health - Crepe bandage (10roll/pack)

A lightweight elastic bandage, made of cotton and spandexUsed as a gentle support to treat sprains a..

Ex Tax: RM15.00

Adventa Health - Ostomy Bag (10pcs/box)

 One piece system ostomy bag; used to collect excrement from stoma due to colostomy and ileosto..

Ex Tax: RM74.90

Adventa Health - Suction Catheter, Control Connector Type, 50pcs/box

DescriptionSuitable for removal of secretion from trachea and bronchial tubesRounded open tip with t..

Ex Tax: RM40.00

Bioptron Floor Stand For Pro 1

BIOPTRON Pro1 is equipped also with a floor stand, which offers the maximum operation and handling s..

Ex Tax: RM1,400.00

Bioptron Floor Stand Medall

The Bioptron Medall can be comfortably used as a hand-held unit, but for more convenient use during ..

Ex Tax: RM700.00

Bioptron Medall

Our breakthrough medical light therapy device is based on Nobel Prize winning technology, and is f..

Ex Tax: RM5,400.00

Bioptron Pro 1 with Table Stand

The BIOPTRON Pro 1 Light Therapy device is designed for use at home, in hospitals and..

Ex Tax: RM11,900.00

Chantiva Haruan SS Plus Tablets 450mg, 60s

The Haruan or Snakehead fish was once a traditional folk remedy for wounds and after surgery supplem..

Ex Tax: RM94.00

Chantiva Haruan SS Plus Tablets 750mg, 30s

Chantiva 750 is a natural nutraceutical remedy to manage joint and muscular pain. Channa striat..

Ex Tax: RM118.00

HARSH-med Dressing Set

Harsh-med Dressing Set Consists of 1 pcs - 3 Compartment Tray3 pcs - Dressing Forcep6 pcs - Cotto..

Ex Tax: RM3.00

Kerramax Care - Super-absorbent dressing for improving patient care (10pcs/box)

KerraMax Care® There’s so much more to caring for someone than just physically changing dressin..

Ex Tax: RM78.00