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9 Herbs Feminine Hygiene Mist

A unique fast-action formula that kills 99.9% of organisms that causes vaginal infections. This incl..

Ex Tax: RM49.90

Barleans Double Strength Fish Oil

High Strength – 696 mg of EPA & DHALess capsules needed to reach therapeutic dosageImproves pati..

Ex Tax: RM53.00

Calmz, 14sachets x 10g

The calmz supplement is a natural alternative remedy for anxiety disorder and sleeping disturba..

Ex Tax: RM128.60

Chantiva Haruan SS Plus Tablets 450mg, 60s

The Haruan or Snakehead fish was once a traditional folk remedy for wounds and after surgery supplem..

Ex Tax: RM94.00

Chantiva Haruan SS Plus Tablets 750mg, 30s

Chantiva 750 is a natural nutraceutical remedy to manage joint and muscular pain. Channa striat..

Ex Tax: RM118.00

Cynoxal Tablet

This natural remedy is a synergistic combination of 5 ingredients that will benefit people who suffe..

Ex Tax: RM75.00

Easy 123

Easy 123 is the greatest way to assist our body’s cleansing system to clear the debris that has been..

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Frusinea 3.0, 20sac x 10g

A unique and natural blend to Increase and strengthen the immune system. According to the World Canc..

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A natural way to regulate blood sugar levels, Glycemea is suitable for those with a family..

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Hydroco Pure Coconut Water

Product description1 Sachet of Hydroco is equivalent to 2 big green young coconuts.Uses state of the..

Ex Tax: RM35.00

Jigar Capsule 350mg, 30s

Jigar contains,Silybum Marianum seed extract (Milk thisle) which has 65% of silibinin that is a..

Ex Tax: RM78.00

Keto IT-F, 28sac x 2.5g

A Unique Natural Blend of Digestive Enzymes that aid in Fat Digestion & Weight Management.Produc..

Ex Tax: RM128.00

Kojisan Shiro, 14sac x 10g

An advance combination of 3 main ingredients which provide a significant brightening, firming, and U..

Ex Tax: RM149.00

Nova ActivMax Breakfast Cereal 700g

ActivMax is a complete, balanced and low glycemic nutritional drink that provides a unique blend of ..

Ex Tax: RM60.00

Oxxy Kids 5g x 6s

Suitable for picky eaters, frequent flu and fever sufferers, acute diarrhoea, viral fevers (HFMD, ch..

Ex Tax: RM30.00