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Barleans Double Strength Fish Oil 120s

High Strength – 696 mg of EPA & DHALess capsules needed to reach therapeutic dosageImproves pati..

Ex Tax: RM164.00

Calmz, 14sachets x 10g

A natural alternative remedy for anxiety disorder and sleeping disturbances, Calmz has 4 main ingred..

Ex Tax: RM128.60

Cynoxal Tablet

This natural remedy is a synergistic combination of 5 ingredients that will benefit people who suffe..

Ex Tax: RM75.00

Frusenia 3.0

Natural and fast way to strengthen and increase your immune system.A diet-based innovative ingredien..

Ex Tax: RM89.90

Frusenia 6.0

A unique and natural blend to Increase and strengthen the immune system by reducing the Oxidative st..

Ex Tax: RM89.90

Moo Milk Calcium Plus

MOO is referred to as ‘Food-State’ Calcium because it is made from our food – MILK.Using a proprieta..

Ex Tax: RM49.53

Nova Aqua Q10 + E (50mg x 100IU) 30 softgels

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is known as the energy currency of the cell, thus making it an important nutrie..

Ex Tax: RM81.10

Nova Arginine 750mg (60 tablets)

Nova Arginine 750mg is formulated to contain 750mg L-Arginine in one tablet with no added artificial..

Ex Tax: RM65.00

Nova Bee Propolis Softgels (60s)

Nova Bee Propolis is formulated to contain a standardized extract of 15% flavonoids in every softgel..

Ex Tax: RM97.20

Nova Black Cumin Oil 500mg

Black cumin oil also known as Habbatus sauda has traditionally been used in Asia and the M..

Ex Tax: RM55.00

Nova Cal-600 Plus (60 caplets)

As we get older, our bones can start to lose calcium. And when this happens, we slowly start to lose..

Ex Tax: RM50.60

Nova CalMini Tablet (60 tablets)

New research shows calcium supplements are safe in helping you to meet your nutritional needs when y..

Ex Tax: RM28.30

Nova Collagen Oral Powder 100g

Nova Collagen is made from premium grade, hydrolysed fish collagen. Hydrolysing collagen breaks down..

Ex Tax: RM90.60

Nova Cordycep Capsules 200mg (60 capsules)

Cordycep has been used for generations in traditional Chinese medicine, mostly as a tonic to strengt..

Ex Tax: RM89.40

Nova DeeBee Tablet

Deebee is a combination of essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Each tablet contains func..

Ex Tax: RM81.70