Kidney & Liver

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BioGreen 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder - 300g

Biogreen 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder is ground from premium, whole black sesame seeds an..

Ex Tax: RM26.90

Jigar Capsule 350mg

A formulation that acts as a liver tonic to keep it healthy.Product Description:Jigar contains,..

Ex Tax: RM78.00

MegaLive Livaxon, 2 x 60capsules + 30

Livaxon contains a blend of herbs needed to protect and promote liver health, including Mi..

Ex Tax: RM207.50

MegaLive Utenax Capsule, 2 x 60capsules + 15

A natural kidney health supplement that helps to improve urination and maintain overall bladder, kid..

Ex Tax: RM209.90

Nova HEPAR-P Forte 500mg (30 caplets)

Liver care is as complex as the liver itself. Hepar-P is a natural liver tonic agent, formulated wit..

Ex Tax: RM141.10

Opceden Milk Thistle Plus 300mg (60 tablets)

DescriptionMilk thistle has been used centuries for liver detoxification. Modern research shows that..

Ex Tax: RM78.00