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Bio Biloba 60s

Bio-Biloba is natural herbal remedy in pharmaceutical quality. It consists of coated tablets, each c..

Ex Tax: RM132.00

Nova Ginkgo Tablet (100 tablets)

Ginkgo has been traditionally used to improve blood circulation. Every tablet of Nova Ginkgo contain..

Ex Tax: RM76.70

Nova Neurogel DHA 250mg (30 softgels)

Neurogel is the pure form of Omega-3 sourced from natural microalgae. Rich in Omega-3 DHA, it is sui..

Ex Tax: RM76.70

Nova Optimem Softgel (60 softgels)

Optimem is an advanced blend of soy-derived phospholipids, enhanced with a standardized extract of e..

Ex Tax: RM196.10

Opceden Memomaz (30 chewable tablets)

DescriptionTasty chewable tablet for longer focus and better learningOur brain consumes over 20 perc..

Ex Tax: RM69.90