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AG Touché Hand & Surface Sanitizer Spray

Kills 99.99% of surface & airbone bacteria, viruses & fungiArtificial fragrances free , arti..

Ex Tax: RM18.00

AG Touché Organic Baby Sanitizer

An organic ingredient cleanser that cleans and kills germs on the hands, skin and most surfaces, inc..

Ex Tax: RM22.00

Alcohol prep pad/Alcohol swab, 2 ply - Size : 65mm x 30mm

An antiseptic pad for preparation of skin prior to injection and treatment of minor cutsFor professi..

Ex Tax: RM4.00

BacOff Air & Fabric Disinfectant 500ml

BacOff Air & Fabric Disinfectant is a 100% natural, cruelty free, biodegradable, and vegan optio..

Ex Tax: RM22.90

BacOff Baby Bottle & Accessory Cleanser

Bacoff™ Baby Bottle & Accessories Cleanser is formulated to target milk and formula residues. Th..

Ex Tax: RM32.90

BacOff Bathroom & Shower Cleaner 500ml

BacOff Bathroom & Shower Cleaner is a 100% natural and cruelty free cleaner to kill germs and pa..

Ex Tax: RM21.90

BacOff Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

BacOff Dishwashing Liquid is a high performance blend of natural cleaning agents. It is highly dilut..

Ex Tax: RM23.90

BacOff Fruit & Vegetable Wash 500ml

BacOff Fruit and Vegetable Wash are made from100% FDA approved food grade ingredients. Certified by ..

Ex Tax: RM23.90

BacOff Kitchen Degreaser 500ml

BacOff Kitchen Degreaser is a 100% natural, totally biodegradable, cruelty free, vegan option to kil..

Ex Tax: RM21.90

BacOff Multi Purpose Cleaner 500ml

A naturally fresh way to keep your home clean. Bacoff™ Multi Purpose Cleaner is the perfect companio..

Ex Tax: RM20.90

BacOff Nursery All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

We all want the best for our little ones. That’s why we offer Bacoff™ Nursery All Purpose Cleaner, a..

Ex Tax: RM22.90

Bacoff Pet Area Deodoriser 500ml

Keep your pet’s toys and areas sanitized and fresh without worrying about chemical residue that can ..

Ex Tax: RM24.90

GERMISEP 0.5gm, (500tablets/bottle)

Germisep disinfectant tablet is designed to control the presence of harmful germs for the applicatio..

Ex Tax: RM80.00