Wound Care & First Aid

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Alcohol prep pad/Alcohol swab, 2 ply - Size : 65mm x 30mm

An antiseptic pad for preparation of skin prior to injection and treatment of minor cutsFor professi..

Ex Tax: RM4.00

Betadine Ointment 10% 10g

For treatment of skin infections. For prevention of infections in wounds, burns, cuts, scratches and..

Ex Tax: RM11.60

Betadine Wound Solution

BETADINE Antiseptic Solution does not contain alcohol and does not cause drying of skin. The product..

Ex Tax: RM11.70

BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash Foam 100ml

Designed Exclusively for Feminine Hygiene NeedsAn imbalance in healthy intimate flora can result in ..

Ex Tax: RM27.80

Crepe bandage (10roll/pack)

A lightweight elastic bandage, made of cotton and spandexUsed as a gentle support to treat sprains a..

Ex Tax: RM15.00

EVIN Nasal Aspirator

Description -Soft Silicone Tip - Dosen't Hurt Baby's Delicate Nose -All Part Are BPA Free -Ma..

Ex Tax: RM21.60

Kerramax Care - Super-absorbent dressing for improving patient care (10pcs/box)

KerraMax Care® Super-absorbent dressing for improving patient care.There’s so much more to cari..

Ex Tax: RM78.00

Mebo Ointment 40g

MEBO is:The ONLY regenerative drug for the treatment of burns, wounds and ulcersThe TOP drug in trea..

Ex Tax: RM53.80

Oxymax - Fabric roll, non woven, spunlaced (equivalent to Hypafix roll)

Non woven fabric roll dressing is composed of spunlace non woven fabric, coated with medical pressur..

Ex Tax: RM10.60

Oxymax - Hydrocolloid dressing, thick with border - Size : 10cm x 10cm, 10pcs/box

Made of absorbent colloidala materials with adhesive elastic plastic waferGranulating and epithelias..

Ex Tax: RM95.00

Oxymax - Self Adhesive Wound Dressing, non-woven, Sterile

Self Adhesive absorbent dressing is compounded by water-repellent spunlace non-woven fabric, non-adh..

Ex Tax: RM20.00

Oxymax - Silver alginate dressing - Size : 10cm x 10cm, 10pcs/box

An antibacterial dressing which is made of alginate fibers and silver compoundWorks on many kind of ..

Ex Tax: RM106.00

Oxymax - Transparent film dressing, CCK frame (U cutting) - Size : 6cm X 7cm, 100pcs/box

Transparent film Intravenous (IV) dressing is composed of Polyurethane (PU) film, coated with medica..

Ex Tax: RM80.00

Oxymax - Transparent film dressing, CCK frame, 100pcs/box

Transparent film Intravenous (IV) dressing is composed of Polyurethane (PU) film, coated with medica..

Ex Tax: RM70.00