Oral Care

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Betadine Gargle & Mouth Wash

BETADINE Gargle & Mouthwash reduces offensive mouth odor. It is for home use in the morning and ..

Ex Tax: RM10.60

Sage Toothette Plus Oral Swab with sodium bicarbonate, 1pc/pack

Our quality components allow you to tailor oral hygiene to meet the exact needs of your patients. Co..

Ex Tax: RM3.10

Sage Toothette® Mouth Moisturizer

Mouth Moisturizer helps soothe and moisturize with vitamin E and coconut oil and as a pleasant, min..

Ex Tax: RM16.10

Sage Toothette® Oral Swabs, 1pcs/pack

Toothette® Oral Swabs help clean between teeth and stimulate oral tissue. Swabs are individually wra..

Ex Tax: RM1.60