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9Herbs Feminine Hygiene Mist

A unique fast-action formula that kills 99.9% of organisms that causes vaginal infections. This incl..

Ex Tax: RM49.90

AG Touche MOSGO Anti-Mosquito Spray,120ml

NaturalFood GradeNon-toxicRepels insects away effectivelyEfficient for flies, Mosquitos and antsBota..

Ex Tax: RM53.90

AG Touché Organic Baby Sanitizer

An organic ingredient cleanser that cleans and kills germs on the hands, skin and most surfaces, inc..

Ex Tax: RM22.00

BacOff Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Antibacterial protection anytime, anywhere – this all natural hand sanitiser effectively kills 99.9%..

Ex Tax: RM13.90

BacOff Hand Wash 300ml

BacOff Handwash (Mixed Berries) is formulated with natural ingredients and cruelty free. This hard-w..

Ex Tax: RM18.90

BacOff Nursery Sanitizer 500ml

We all want the best for our little ones. That’s why we offer Bacoff™ Nursery Toy, Surface & Air..

Ex Tax: RM24.90

Betadine Gargle & Mouth Wash

BETADINE Gargle & Mouthwash reduces offensive mouth odor. It is for home use in the morning and ..

Ex Tax: RM10.60

BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash Foam 100ml

Designed Exclusively for Feminine Hygiene NeedsAn imbalance in healthy intimate flora can result in ..

Ex Tax: RM27.80

Bio Oil

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks a..

Ex Tax: RM32.90

BioGreen 100% Organic Prune Paste 510g

100% Organic Prune Paste is carefully made from fresh, fully-ripened and dried plums without added s..

Ex Tax: RM103.00

BioGreen O'Young Natural Collagen Powder - 400g

The most natural way to maintain youthful and fair skin is to enjoy the benefits of plant enzymes, b..

Ex Tax: RM118.00

Biomed White Complex 100g

Toothpaste Biomed White Complex whitens tooth enamel, strengthens it and makes up for the loss of mi..

Ex Tax: RM15.90

Bioptron Oxy Sterile Spray (Oxyspray)- 250ml

Oxy Sterile Spray is pure water enriched with a high concentration of pure oxygen for moisturizing, ..

Ex Tax: RM148.00

Canesten Clotrimazole Cream 1% w/w

When a female suffers from flora imbalance, this may increase the acidity in the intimate area which..

Ex Tax: RM18.90