Hair Treatment

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Coco Veda Hair Conditioning Cream 110g

All Hair TypesA natural leave-on hair conditioner as an alternative for serum. Non Sticky, softens t..

Ex Tax: RM55.00

CoCo Veda Hair Scalp Oil Treatment 100ml

Normal & Dry ScalpNourishes the scalp and promotes healthy Hair Growth...

Ex Tax: RM55.00

Radico Henna Powder 100g

Organic Henna (also known as Hina, Hena, Heena) Powder is of best quality not available anywher..

Ex Tax: RM26.90

Radico Organic Amla + Ritha + Shikakai Powder

Organic Amla+Reetha+Shikakai Powder is used as herbal hair treatment.It gives complete benefit ..

Ex Tax: RM32.00

Radico Organic Amla Powder

DescriptionAmla Powder acts as a premium conditioner for the hair and provides a gentle yet intense ..

Ex Tax: RM30.00

Radico Organic Bhringraj Powder

DescriptionBringhraj is an exceptional hair care product and, due to its stimulating effect on blood..

Ex Tax: RM36.70

Radico Organic Brahmi Powder

DescriptionBrahmi Powder by Radico is an excellent product known for its revitalizing properties. Am..

Ex Tax: RM45.20

Radico Organic Caramel Blonde

DescriptionAn organic hair colour dye, which is a perfect blend of rare hair treatment herbs without..

Ex Tax: RM79.90

Radico Organic Champagne Blonde

“COLOUR-ME-ORGANIC”, an organic hair color dye, which is a perfect blend of rare hair treatment herb..

Ex Tax: RM79.90

Radico Organic Neem Powder

Description Neem, with its antibacterial properties, guards sensitive scalp against irritation ..

Ex Tax: RM39.90

Radico Organic Shikakai Powder

DescriptionThe Shikakai Powder ensures hair manageability while cleansing very sensitive scalp in a ..

Ex Tax: RM39.90

Sebitar Scalp Cleansing Treatment 250ml

Product Profile:Relief for itching and inflamed scalp.Sebitar gently treats scalp conditions rather ..

Ex Tax: RM45.00