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Accoson Dekamet Mercury Sphygmomanometer

An instrument for measuring blood pressure, typically consisting of an inflatable rubber cuff which ..

RM290.00 Ex Tax: RM290.00

Adventa Health - 2 Way Foley Catheter, Silicone Coated,10pcs/box

Description :Made of medical grade silicone-coated PVC.Smooth tip for atraumatic insertion.Soft reta..

RM27.00 Ex Tax: RM27.00

Adventa Health - 3 Way Latex Foley Catheter, Siliconised (30ml) 10pcs/box

Description : Made of medical grade silicone-coated PVC.Smooth tip for atraumatic insertion.Sof..

RM36.00 Ex Tax: RM36.00

Adventa Health - Crepe bandage (10roll/pack)

A lightweight elastic bandage, made of cotton and spandexUsed as a gentle support to treat sprains a..

RM15.00 Ex Tax: RM15.00

Adventa Health - Nasal Cannula Extra Soft Flare Tips Size, 10pcs/pack

FeaturesUsed for efficient administration of oxygen for greater patient comfortTwin Nasal Tips pr..

RM26.00 Ex Tax: RM26.00

Adventa Health - Ostomy Bag (10pcs/box)

 One piece system ostomy bag; used to collect excrement from stoma due to colostomy and ileosto..

RM74.90 Ex Tax: RM74.90

Adventa Health - Suction Catheter, Control Connector Type, 50pcs/box

DescriptionSuitable for removal of secretion from trachea and bronchial tubesRounded open tip with t..

RM40.00 Ex Tax: RM40.00

Adventa Health - Vaginal Speculum, Sterilized, 1pcs/pack, 100pcs/box

Quick OverviewDesigned to eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing metal specula and to reduce..

RM1.80 Ex Tax: RM1.80

Adventa Health - Yankauer Handle, Sterilized, 1pcs/pack

Yankauer usually used together with suction connection tube, and it is intended for suctioning the b..

RM1.90 Ex Tax: RM1.90

Adventa Health - Yellow instopper (heparin cap), 100pcs/box

Product DescriptionMedical Supply disposable Transparent heparin cap1)Products with dynamic certral-..

RM28.00 Ex Tax: RM28.00

Amazin Graze Coconut Kaya Granola 250g

Discover Delight: sit back and feel the delight as you crunch into our Coconut Kaya Granola. Experie..

RM19.90 Ex Tax: RM19.90

AQ 3D Waist Support -5035 SP

The main body consists of a ventilation belt with 3 transverse bars at the inner side, an outer stro..

RM219.90 Ex Tax: RM219.90

AQ Adjustable Knee Support -3751 (One size)

Support for injury recovery and preventionReduces pain, swelling, and knee instabilityAdjustable com..

RM79.90 Ex Tax: RM79.90

AQ Adjustable Knee Support -3753 (One size)

2-flex stays to increase medial/lateral support Non-slip silica strips designThe design of the..

RM109.90 Ex Tax: RM109.90