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Alcohol prep pad/Alcohol swab, 2 ply - Size : 65mm x 30mm

An antiseptic pad for preparation of skin prior to injection and treatment of minor cutsFor professi..

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Atomic Enema 5x2s

A colorless, clear and transparent solution. It is used for relieving constipation. ..

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Bepanthen Ointment

Bepanthen® Ointment helps soothe, actively heal and protect your baby's skin from nappy rash.Be..

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Betadine Gargle & Mouth Wash

BETADINE Gargle & Mouthwash reduces offensive mouth odor. It is for home use in the morning and ..

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Betadine Ointment 10% 10g

For treatment of skin infections. For prevention of infections in wounds, burns, cuts, scratches and..

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Bio Oil

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks a..

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Bio-Life AB Junior Pre & Pro Vanilla 50s

A. B. Junior Pre & Pro is a symbiotic for children which combines the benefits of both preb..

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BioGaia Probiotic Chewable Tablets (30 tablets)

BioGaia Chewable TabletsAdult and children 4–18 years oldBioGaia Chewable tablets is a dietary suppl..

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BioGreen 100% Organic Prune Paste 510g

100% Organic Prune Paste is carefully made from fresh, fully-ripened and dried plums without added s..

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BioGreen 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder - 300g

Biogreen 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder is ground from premium, whole black sesame seeds an..

RM26.90 Ex Tax: RM26.90

BioGreen O'Young Natural Collagen Powder - 400g

The most natural way to maintain youthful and fair skin is to enjoy the benefits of plant enzymes, b..

RM118.00 Ex Tax: RM118.00

BioGreen Pink Lady Oatmilk 800g

A healthy drink loaded with organic oats, 10 types of natural unrefined grains, beans and nuts, with..

RM68.00 Ex Tax: RM68.00

BioGreen Prune Enzymes 950G

Prune Enzymes is made of organic prunes and active enzymes honey that form the perfect match to safe..

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Biomed White Complex 100g

Toothpaste Biomed White Complex whitens tooth enamel, strengthens it and makes up for the loss of mi..

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Bioptron Oxy Sterile Spray (Oxyspray)- 250ml

Oxy Sterile Spray is pure water enriched with a high concentration of pure oxygen for moisturizing, ..

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