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Brand: MyLife
It would be the greatest choice for choosing an Aluminum cane seat, it provides support while you walk and doubles as a fold-down seat when you need to rest. The aluminum cane seat provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open and sturdy support when closed. Besides, the aluminum cane seat is man..
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Brand: MyLife
The Aluminium Crutches is lighter than wood, the standard aluminium crutch provides stability and durability. The aluminium crutches is double extruded center provide additional strength to the weight-bearing area. The Aluminium crutches are non -skid, jumbo-size vinyl contoured tips that provide ex..
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Brand: MyLife
The Aluminium foldable cane is also known as a foldable walking stick. The foldable walking stick is suitable for people who are injured, after surgery and elderly. Some people prefer foldable walking stick due to it's much convenience by cane fold into four convenient part for easy storage. The fol..
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Brand: MyLife
Aluminum Light Wheelchair is made of high quality with lightweight. The Aluminium Light Wheelchair is suitable for seniors citizens, people who are injured or bedridden patients after surgery. Besides, the light wheelchair is having a hand brake with parking functions, this will enhance the convenie..
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Brand: MyLife
The Aluminium quad cane also can be address as a Aluminium walking cane and it's a device that aids mobility and walking. The aluminium quad cane is a four-point base and the combined offset handle provides additional stability and support. Besides, the aluminium quad cane is easy for users to use b..
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Brand: MyLife
The Aluminium Reciprocating walker is to help people walk independently and help to reciprocate the motion. The Aluminium reciprocating walker can be done with minima lift off the floor surface to easily move users to move. Aluminium reciprocating walker is single-button release yellow quick, one-ha..
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Brand: MyLife
The Aluminium cane is also known as a walking cane or blind stick. The Aluminium walking cane is a high-quality product that helps those people who leg or foot injured, face difficulty walking and elderly. The Aluminum walking cane is easy to use, one-button height adjustment with a locking ring and..
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Brand: MyLife
Economy steel wheelchair is used for those difficult to walk or impossible due to illness, injury, or elderly people. Our Economy steel wheelchair is provided extra comfort with a comfortable Nylon seat. Besides, The maximum capacity for this wheelchair is 100 kg. Product descriptions •&nb..
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Brand: MyLife
The forearm crutches also known as elbow crutches, some people would like to call it elbow crutches rather than forearm crutches due to it's more easier to remember. The forearm crutches help to transfer the body weight from an injured leg or foot such as ankle twisted ..
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Brand: MyLife
The quad cane  also can be address as a walking cane and the quad cane is a device that aids mobility and walking. The quad cane is similar to a standard cane, it has small feet that extend from the base and these feet have rubber caps that can help to reduce slippage on the floo..
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