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Renal & Dialysis Care

Renal & Dialysis Care
Brand: Sage
Our quality components allow you to tailor oral hygiene to meet the exact needs of your patients. Components of sage toothette oral swabs come in multiple packaging configurations, and include multiple swabs, cleansing solutions, Mouth Moisturizer and Advanced Oral Moisturizer Spray.Toothe..
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Brand: Sage
Mouth Moisturizer helps soothe and moisturize with vitamin E and coconut oil and as a pleasant, minty taste. Mouth Moisturizer's water-based formula means it is perfect for the inside of the mouth to soothe and moisturize both lips and oral tissue. It is easy to apply moisture to the inside of the ..
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Brand: Sage
Toothette® Oral Swabs help clean between teeth and stimulate oral tissue. Swabs are individually wrapped and are mint-flavored with Dentifrice.Individually wrappedRefreshing mint-flavored DentifriceSoft foam heads gentle to fragile tissuesPerpendicular ridges help clan between teeth and stimulate or..
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Brand: Alcor
DescriptionAlcor Scientific Enteral Feeding Bag Pump Set 1200mlWhich employs a patented system of mechanical features, know as the S2 Feeding System, feeding bag will ensure that the enteral pump set does not dislodge. This system works to protect against unintentional set removal.Features & Ben..
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Brand: Alcor
The SENTINELplus® Enteral Feeding Pump, an enhanced version of our popular SENTINEL® Enteral feeding pump. A lighter, smaller package brings the same simplicity and reliability of its predecessor. Contact us to learn more about our enteral feeding pump! A familiar workhorse stati..
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TFF U-99 is a balanced nutritional food for patients who go through hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis which complies with the US American Society of Nephrology (ASN). An estimated of 23% to 73% of regular maintenance hemodialysis patients will have PEM (protein -energy malnutrition) due to p..
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